Scientific papers reviews processes

Many aspects of our life involve review process. Therefore there is no surprise to anyone who submits a scientific paper for publication that it is a subject to a review and that the editor and several reviewers will nearly always find problems or want to see changes in the paper. It is a normal part of the publication process. It is impossible to control what the reviewers say but it is possible to control response to their comments.

Having most of fellows working on their first manuscripts at that stage of the programme the Consortium agreed that it would be beneficial to organise a workshop on how to submit a paper and how to respond to peer reviews efficiently and prepare amendments.

The main objectives of the training were to:

  1. Introduce fellows to journal review processes.
  2. Provide generic tips on how to respond to the reviewers’ comments.
  3. Review individual manuscripts of fellows and discuss how they could be improved.

geneva Dec 2015

The training has been approved by the Programme Consortium and took place in  Le Domaine de Penthes in Geneva on December 6th and 7th 2014.