MARATONE Summer School

Summer school with workshops in transferable skills took place in Bogis-Bossey near Geneva  between 1st and 12th September 2014. Three streams of transferable skills were taught during those two weeks:

  1. Applied statistics (2 days) and longitudinal data analyses (3 days)
  2. Communication skills (2 days);
  3. Writing skills (3 days).

bossey group photo 2 Venue: The Ecumenical Institute at Château de Bossey, Chemin Chenevière 2, Bogis-Bossey, Switzerland

The first week in the Bossey started with a continuation of the training in statistics. The workshop was be delivered by Paul Jose whom fellows met at the training in Milan. That was  followed by a 3-day course in scientific writing. Writing is a very important part of science and  it is used to document and communicate ideas, activities and findings to others.  Well-structured and professional writing is also essential in a variety of jobs.

The second week started with more data analysis classes. Dr Suzanne Graham was invited to provide a 3-day workshop on longitudinal data analyses. She presented numerous workshops on this topic both nationally and internationally. The course was be especially important to fellows conducting analyses with longitudinal studies; however everyone found that knowledge very useful.

The summer school finished with a 2-day course in public speaking delivered by OwnTheRoom company. In a world of academia and private sector researchers are expected to attend many meetings and conferences to present the work and achievements. This training was  a great opportunity to prepare you for that. Improved ability to communicate increases  potential and confidence and that is important in whatever one does in the future.

A detailed agenda can be found here.