Mental Health Epidemiology

MARATONE 1st Mandatory training in Mental Health Epidemiology  (November 4th -7th 2013, Barcelona)

Group_all_7.11.2013_3Venue: Hospital Privado St John of God Numancia c / Numancia 7-13 Sala de Reunions Gran – 3ª Planta (Large Meeting Room – 3rd Floor) 08029 Barcelona


In order to provide all ESRs with the same basic theoretical knowledge of horizontal epidemiology, a course on mental health epidemiology was provided by the Parc Sanitari Sant Joan de Déu (PSSJD) in November last year, with the input and collaboration of CIBERSAM, University of Southampton, University of Leipzig, University of Oulu, King’s College London, National Suicide Research Foundation and Swiss Paraplegic Research.

The following topics were covered during this four-day training:

  • basic epidemiological notions;
  • the special issues of mental health epidemiology, including cultural variation;
  • applications of epidemiological tools and analytic techniques to existing national mental health data sets;
  • the theory and potential applications in mental health of horizontal epidemiology;
  • programmes of mental health promotion and mental ill-health prevention based on specific examples.

Detailed agenda can be found here.

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Early stage researchers not only had a great opportunity to learn about mental health and epidemiology from one of the best specialists in the area, they also had a chance to finaly meet each other, Professor Cieza (programme coordinator) and some members of the  Consortium. In addition to the sessions, Professor Cieza organised with Dr Sabariego (Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität) ‘MARATONE Space’ during which young researchers could get to know each other, discuss their role in the MARATONE and individual research projects.

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Overall training has been successful and achieved very positive feedback from researchers. After the training University of Southampton, in collaboration with Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität and CIBERSAM has launched an on-line training sessions to expand on the topics from workshops in Barcelona.