The MARATONE is managed by the Consortium consisting of 13 Beneficiaries who employs 14 Early Stage Researchers (Marie Curie Fellows) and 7 Associate Partners. The Consortium is advised by the External Advisory Board and Visiting Researchers who are invited to annual ESR Conferences and yearly management meetings.

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  1. University of Southampton
  2. Consorcio Ciber Para El Area Tematica De Salud Mental
  3. Fondazione IRCCS Istituto Neurologico Carlo Besta
  4. Instytut Psychiatrii i Neurologii
  5. King’s College London
  6. Ludwig-Maximilians-Universitaet Muenchen
  7. London School of Economics and Political Science
  8. National Suicide Research Foundation
  9. Parc Sanitari Sant Joan De Deu (PSSJD): Fundació Sant Joan de Déu (FSJD)
  10. Siemens AG
  11. Schweizer Paraplegiker – Forschung AG:
  12. Universitaet Leipzig
  13. Oulun Yliopisto


Associate Partners

  1. CF Consulting Finanziamenti Unione Europea S.r.1
  2. European Alliance Against Depression e.V.
  3. European Brain Council
  4. Federacio Salut Mental Catalunya
  5. World Health Organisation
  6. University of Calgary
  7. VU University Medical Center in Amsterdam
  8. Derner Institute of University of Adelphi


External Advisory Board

  1. Dr Mary Baker
  2. Mara Parellada
  3. Prof. Kristian Wahlbeck
  4. Prof. Richard Williams
  5. Paul ARTEEL  representing GAMIAN


Visiting Researchers

  1. Somnath Chatterji
  2. Prof. Luis Salvador-Carulla
  3. Dr. Dan Chisholm
  4. Alana Officer