2nd ESR Conference and Yearly Meeting

ESR Conf (1)Venue: Alois Alzheimer’s Saal, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität, Nussbaumstrasse 7, Munich , Germany

 On 19th March 2015 MARATONE fellows and the Consortium met for the second time to discuss the programme progress. The conference started with a talk from Prof Martin Prince, King’s College London, on a subject of achievements and challenges of global mental health. We were honoured to also have Dr Andrew Szeto, from University of Calgary who talked about targeting stigma in work place settings.

However, the main purpose of the conference was for our ESRs, who are now in the second year of their fellowship, to present the work they carry out and  secondments and training they complete. Posters illustrating their work can be found below. You can find a full  agenda from the conference here.

S Filatova poster Z Santini poster A Brailean poster M Willems poster I Nowak poster K Kamenov poster C Twomey poster

R. Bernard poster S Hanisch poster I Ivandic poster M Fallon-Kund poster R Kadel poster A Freeman poster M Bennardi poster

Time trends and risk factors of psychotic disorder in the Northern Finland Birth Cohorts 1966 and 1986 – Svetlana Filatova, UOulu

The impact of social networks, social support and social connectedness in mental disorders and their associated burden – Ziggi Ivan Santini, PSSJD

Lifestyle and behavioural influences on cognitive ageing across cultures – Anamaria Brailean, KCL

The impact of biological, psychological, and social factors on disability, quality of life, and wellbeing in neurological patients – Michelle Willems, INNCB

Interventions addressing disabilities and recovery in schizophrenia – Izabela Nowak, IPN

Interventions on psychosocial difficulties in depressive disorders – Kaloyan Kamenov, CIBERSAM

The added value of functioning in predicting health service use by people with mental disorders – Conal Twomey, SOTON

Web accessibility for persons with mental disorders – Renaldo Bernard, LMU

Development and evaluation of a workplace anti-stigma intervention – Sabine Hanisch, SIEMENS

Development and evaluation of mental health and well-being interventions at the workplace – Ivana Ivandic, LMU

The implementation of human rights in mental health. Enhancing the participation of persons with mental health problems in court proceedings  – Marie Fallon-Kund, SPF

Understanding the economics of workplace mental health interventions – Rajendra Kadel, LSE

Suicide and self-harm among adolescents and young adults in Ireland: individual and socio-ecological determinants – Marco Bennardi, NSRF

Gender-specific analysis of suicide intentionality – Aislinné Freeman, UoL