1st ESR Conference and Yearly Meeting

The 1st ESR Conference was organised on 27th March 2014 in Nottwil in Switzerland. It was a good opportunity for the ESRs to present their research projects, i.e. aims and objectives, methods, results and dissemination, implementation. It was also a chance to seek an advice from members of the Consortium.

1st ESR conference

The ESR Conference was the first opportunity for some ESRs to meet PIs and Co-investigators from other centres in person.

The Conference was chaired by Professor Richard Williams, Professor of Mental Health Strategy in the University of Glamorgan and member of the external advisory board in MARATONE. The event was started with a passionate talk “The challenges of mental health research” delivered by Dr. Somnath Chatterji, the leader of the Multi-Country Survey Team at the WHO. The lecture was followed by 20- min fellows’ presentations.

1st ESR Conference Agenda