cropped-maratone_250px_RGB11.jpgEU logo for websiteMARATONE is a Marie Curie Initial Training Network project (FP7-PEOPLE-2012-ITN; GA 316795) that directly addresses the need for high-level training and career pathways in mental health to increase the inter-sectorial and trans-national employability of young scientists in the academic, public and private sectors to meet the enormous challenge of the 2009 EU Parliament Resolution on Mental Health. The Resolution set out recommendations for a comprehensive and integrated mental health strategy for Europe. MARATONE is designed to address the biggest challenge to implementing this ambitious strategy: the lack of training for career pathways for young scientists in multidisciplinary mental health research.

The MARATONE is a joint structured training through research programme in the field of mental health designed to build career pathways by means of the following specific objectives:

  1. Bring together the collective strengths of the MARATONE Partners to provide network professional training and research experience for ESRs in relevant disciplines.
  2. Build career pathways for ESRs by means of local specialized training provided by Network Partners.
  3. Equip all ESRs with professional skills for project management and entrepreneurial and commercial exploitation of project results to enhance their employability in a variety of roles.
  4. Expose ESRs to cross-cutting insights on mental health policy and public health in Europe creating a network of connections for ESRs in their future careers.
  5. Disseminate research results widely.

MARATONE is built on the innovative theoretical premise of “horizontal epidemiology”, the view that psychosocial difficulties associated with mental health disorders are not exclusively determined by the diagnosis of the particular disorder in a vertical, silo-like pattern but ‘horizontally’ in a manner that reflects commonalities in the lived experience of people with diverse mental health problems.

Grounded in this theoretical foundation, MARATONE’s multidisciplinary network of partners will collaboratively develop methodologies for measuring the individual and social impact of mental health disorders, so as to create strategies for the social and private sector responses to mental ill health in the form of health promotion and prevention programmes, and at the national level, strategies for human rights protections in policies and programming. The consortium will provide young researchers with scientific expertise in mental health, as well as basic technical and communication skills, including research development and management, international human rights commitments, and commercial exploitation and dissemination.

The scientific dimension of MARATONE is composed of four research topics, which reflect the priority areas set out in the 2009 EU Parliament Resolution on Mental Health:

  • TOPIC 1  Mental Health Epidemiology across the Life Span
  • TOPIC 2  Depression and Deliberate Self-Harm
  • TOPIC 3  Mental Health and Well-Being in Workplace Settings
  • TOPIC 4  Human Rights and Combating Stigma and Social Exclusion


 admin structure of Maratone


More information about technical aspects of projects such as MARATONE can be found on the European Commission website.